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Emotionalism as art

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

Uptown Gallery

1305 W Main St, Richmond, VA 23220

Jan - Feb

Artemis Gallery

1601 W Main St

Richmond, VA 23220

Thru March

About Me


I studied communications and art at Denison University and have been painting for quite a long time. I have only recently started to share my work more widely and continue to progress as a thinker.


I use mostly acrylics on art boards and canvas, and have explored pushing the boundaries within my specific style. I have been influenced by everything from chiaroscuro to color field, from Dali to Rothko.


Emotional connection is the reason why I work in the style I have developed. I want the viewer to find themselves in my paintings and apply their own story. I explore the positive and negative feelings that we all go through...and I want to find a common experience.

Contact Me

Get in touch ... I'd like to hear from you. I'll send you exact dates, times and locations for shows. And whatever else you want to know.

Shoot me a text 216-978-4382 or email